Our grant process is by invitation only, and we grant to charitable, tax-exempt organizations based in the United States.  We make a limited number of grants throughout the year on a regular basis.




After reviewing our program areas and values, if you think that there is alignment with your organization’s project, we welcome you to send a letter of inquiry to the foundation.  A letter of inquiry should be two pages or less and include the following information:


  • Name, address, email, website, telephone number, Tax ID number, and primary contact for the U.S. based organization making the request.
  • A description of your organization and the nature of its work, particularly as it relates to the problem or issue you are looking to address.  Please also include information about the constituency you serve, your geographic region, the type(s) of service you provide, and the size of your annual operating budget.
  • A description of the specific problem or need you plan to address and an explanation of the project you are implementing to address it.  Please include a brief description of anticipated achievements or outcomes.
  • The time frame for the proposed project.
  • A summary of the proposed budget for the project, including the total cost of the project and the amount you intend to request from  Pinetops Foundation.  Please provide information about other potential or actual sources of support for the project as well.


Please email your letter of inquiry to


Within 30 days, the primary contact indicated in your letter of inquiry will be notified whether or not your organization has been invited to submit a full grant proposal.  Please note that examples of past work, articles, reports, videos or other material should not be submitted with a letter of inquiry.




If your organization is invited to submit a full grant application, please download the grant application using the provided password information.  Once received, we will complete a preliminary review within 60 days and provide any feedback or clarification.  In some cases, the grant proposal may evolve over the course of discussions with us.


Once the final application is completed, it will be submitted for our next grant review session, which happens regularly throughout the year.




Following our grant review, you will be notified on the status of your proposal.  If selected for funding, we will provide a grant agreement letter to you outlining the project and funding.  Funding usually occurs within 30 days of the grant agreement.




As outlined in the grant agreement letter, you will submit a short grant impact report, usually at project completion or within a pre-determined time frame.  Please download the grant impact report form using the provided password information.

Top photo courtesy of International Justice Mission

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